This Tumblr Account Brutally Roasts People Who Wear Canada Goose Jackets

With the colder weather starting to appear in Canada, citizens across the country are looking for a coat that will last them through the upcoming Canadian winter. Perhaps the biggest name in winter wear across the country is Canada Goose, a provider of high end, real fur trimmed down jackets.

Canada Goose jackets, which were originally intended for northerners dealing with super subzero temperatures, quickly gained mainstream popularity over the years.

But avid fans of the brand have been under attack in recent years by a Tumblr account entitled Canada Douche, which was formed a few years ago to expose the “douchiest” of individuals sporting the jackets.

The account was even featured on MTV’s “Tumblr of the Week” once, which praised it for its fight against “public displays of douchery”:

“Now, we’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with buying/owning/wearing a Canada Goose jacket. They’re warm and Drake has one and they’re proudly Canadian and stuff Point is: we mean no offense to you Goose owners but some public displays of douchery make for funny internet things,” reads the MTV article.

What MTV said is true there’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning a Canada Goose jacket. We’d like to think that Canada Douche is just a parody account in the name of good fun, but some of the entries do seem to hit a little to deep. It even named the University of Toronto as “Canada’s Douchiest School” for its plethora of Canada Goose wearers.

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