The ultimate jacket for winter

No problem there. Black has been the male fashion colour of choice in Moscow since 1987. Ideally you need black jeans, black shoes, and a black shirt to go with it.

Have you looked in Metropolis shopping centre at Voikovskaya, or Evropeisky at Kievskaya? All the main European fashion brands from budget to upscale are here in Moscow now, and mostly at the same prices as in Germany, Britain, Sweden etc (you can tell from the Euro price labels, which aren’t removed from the stock when sold in Russia)

Lands end I think an american company sell really good parka type jackets for men which are both practical and smart, I think I paid about 130. In black if you want. I bought one which is about 3/4 length and wore it in Russia last January during a cold snap (where I was it was down to minus 25 centigrade) and I was perfectly warm in it. Not too much on underneath either a shirt and sweatshirt. I found the problem to be feet and legs. I wore long johns which kept me warm but I didn’t like the restrictive movement. And I wore two pairs of specialist socks (inner and outer) and boots with good thick soles. But my feet got cold. Not absolutely certain but I think I bought “Men’s Regular Insulated Squall Parka”. For some silly reason the forum will not allow me to post the link ??? Apparently I need 5 posts. Why?

I know what it is and what it is expensive. The one you highlighted was marked down from 9000rur and was bright green, not exactly to everyone’s taste. From my experience snowboarding jackets are not very useful as everyday winter jackets, as you’ll have to be burning a lot of calories to keep warmer.

If you’re waiting for buses and going in and out of the metro, a well insulated, breathable jacket might be best.

I didn’t mention SportMaster. I shop there but I’m not too thrilled with it. I prefer Decathlon for big chain stores. Globus has many outdoor activity specialty shops. There are a lot of good brands in Moscow. Affordability is the X factor.